Translation Rates

We offer competitive translation rates especially in popular language pairs such as English to Chinese. We always encourage you to take advantage of our free quote for our most accurate pricing:

How We Calculate Our Translation Rates

Our translation rates follow the language translation industry standard, where every translation is priced "per source word" where feasible. The source word is the current language of your document and these are simply counted to derive the total cost. This enables us offer you a firm, fair and final price before you commit your project to us as opposed to per page or per line pricing. We only use this methods for costing when your file is in an uneditable format and cannot be easily counted. If you don't know how many words are contained in your file, simply use our free word count tool. Our pricing is structured according to the following factors:

  1. Number of source words
  2. Standard or Specialist service (e.g. specialist fields include medicine, law, marketing etc)
  3. Language pair combination (e.g. Chinese to English)
  4. Time frame

Our translators produce an average of 1500-2000 words per day without comprising the quality of your translation. This broadly takes into account the text format, glossaries, topic, and typing speed. If your job is urgent and stylistic consistency is not critical, we can assign a number of translators to work in collaboration so that your deadline can be met while maintaining translative quality. Please contact us for more information.

How Do We Offer Competitive Pricing

We specialise in Asian inclusive language pairs, which gives us a major competitive advantage. Why? Well, we generally have a wider network of Asian language translators to assign to your job. As we only work in Asian inclusive language pairs we have the edge in being able to build valuable relationships with our translators compared to generic translation companies who deal in multiple languages. Quite simply, it gives us a competitive advantage on price and more importantly, on quality.