Legal Translation Services

Do You Need a Legal Translator?

First of all, it's important to establish whether you need a legal translator? It depends on the purpose of the translation - if it's a simple Agreement translation for internal use, then there's a high chance that you will not require a legal translator. This will of course save you some cost. However, if it's a business critical document then you'll be highly advisable to appoint a legal translator to your project. Legal translations have the potential to go disasterously wrong but they can also go without a hitch. It's about understanding your requirements from the outset, much like preparing a legal case. That means getting the right type of translator with a specialist legal background to work on your project. We use professional translators working into their mother tongue and specialising in your subject area, e.g. patents, business law, copyright, IP etc. And there's a bit more. Asia Translate only uses professional translators that are in-country for all legal projects.

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Targeted Translation

For instance, a mainland Chinese specialist legal translator would be suitable for work based in Shanghai. But if that same translator were assigned a project, say a civil dispute case some 700 odd miles away in Hong Kong, things become very different. The case may well be conducted in Chinese but the linguistic style, dialect, culture and legal framework would be different enough to be significant. It's why we choose our translators who work within specialist areas very carefully. Legal translation work is only asssigned to suitably qualified in-country translators.

Law is culture based and it's essential that this is understood as well as areas like terminology. Legal translation is without doubt one of our most complex subject areas, medicine is the other. We rarely have the comfort of coming back to you if an error is found. It's especially critical when the smallest error can deem your translated document unbinding or ambigious - we believe it's a risk not worth taking. We achieve our high level of quality through meticiulous project management whilst providing you with the industry's best and most suitably qualified legal translators.

Areas We Translate

We provide translation services specialising in business contracts, purchase or sale of overseas property, court summons, patent applications, employment contracts, insolvency and more. We offer specialist translators in English law, Vietnamese law, Japanese law, Thai law and Chinese law to name a few.

Professional Translators

All of our translators have a minimum of 3 years experience, a recognised university degree and always translate into their native language. Our senior translators hold membership to an accredited translation association (such as ATA, ITI, ATLF, WATA etc).We set every translator a test before they join us as well as making qualification, background and job reference checks. And we've worked it out that we turn away an average of 6 out of 10 applications.

Human Translation Aided By Technology

Our legal translators use TM (Translation Memory) software to ensure repetitions are only translated once. This is not MT (Machine Translation) software that translates word for word and often makes non-sensical sentences. TM software is entirely different and is used in the professional translation context.

If a clause such as "the aformentioned covenants and agrees that during the term of this Agreement", is repeated throughout your document, TM software will automatically scan your document (after the translator has initially translated the clause) and suggest the change wherever it appears. This ensures optimal accuracy of the final translation, which is especially critical for legal translation projects.


Asia Translate acknowledges and agrees that your documents will be subjected to strict confidentiality and privacy procedures throughout the entire translation process.

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